Fred Hersch

Elected to the Hall of Fame

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    Drummer Eric McPherson (left), pianist Fred Hersch and bassist John Hébert are set to release Live in Europe on Palmetto Records.
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    Miguel Zenón received a Grammy nomination for his album Típico.
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    Anat Cohen (left) and the members of Trio Brasileiro—Douglas Lora, Dudu Maia and Alexandre Lora—collaborated on the Grammy-nominated album Rosa Dos Ventos (Anzic).
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    Fred Hersch has released a new solo album, Open Book.
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    Fred Hersch was nominated for a 2017 Grammy Award for Best Improvised Jazz Solo and Best Jazz Instrumental Album
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    Fred Hersch (left) and Scott Morgan perform at The Kitano in New York on Sept. 15.
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    Antonio Sanchez performed with his band Migration at the 2016 Funchal Jazz Festival, which took place July 14–17 in Madeira, Portugal.
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    Matana Roberts is among the recipients of the 2016 Doris Duke Artist Awards for jazz.

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