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    For Wynton Marsalis, developing a strategy to translate mythology into music for the film Bolden required some self-analysis, if not soul-searching.

    The Resurrection of Buddy Bolden

    Shrouded in mystery, Buddy Bolden’s life has proved more than a match for most of its would-be chroniclers.…

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    Sullivan Fortner performs at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York as part of JALC’s Opening Night on Sept. 14.

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    Carlos Henriquez (pictured) helmed an octet celebrating the Latin side of Dizzy Gillespie at Jazz at Lincoln Center from Jan. 26–28.

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    The Jazz at Lincoln Center performs an homage to Dizzy Gillespie during the “Celebrating Dizzy Gillespie” concert series, which ran from Jan. 26-28 at New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center.

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    Among the titles scheduled for release on Record Store Day is saxophonist Ben Webster’s LP Gone With The Wind (ORG Music), which has been long out of print.

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    The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra performs at the Bing Concert Hall in Stanford, California, on Sept. 30.

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