Maria Schneider

Elected to the Hall of Fame

Maria Schneider's news entries:

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    Cécile McLorin Salvant performs at the Newport Jazz Festival.
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    Wadada Leo Smith was named Musician of the Year in the 2017 Jazz Journalism Awards.
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    Billy Hart performs as part of The Cookers at the PDX Jazz Festival in Portland, Oregon, on Feb. 18.
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    When Maria Schneider (pictured) testified before Congress about the current U.S. copyright law’s (DMCA) notice and takedown provisions, she urged legislators to make major changes.
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    "If everybody gets used to getting their music for free, nobody is going to pay for music anymore," says bandleader Maria Schneider.
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    Maria Schneider, ASCAP Foundation Life in Music Award Winner
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    Maria Schneider

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