Tritone Jazz Campers Learn from the Pros
Posted 5/9/2012

There’s an abundance of summer education programs for musicians looking to sharpen their jazz performance skills. Among these programs are Tritone Jazz Fantasy Camps, which offer the unique opportunity for students to enhance their playing ability with the help of professional musicians. This summer, Tritone Jazz will offer camps at three different locations: Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, Mich., on June 17–22; Björklunden in Baileys Harbor, Wis., on July 8–13; and Nazareth College in Rochester, N.Y., on July 22–27.

Bob DeRosa, co-owner of Tritone Jazz Fantasy Camps, says that the programs are “designed specifically to meet the needs of adult learners.” One of the major draws of Tritone Jazz Fantasy Camps is its all-star faculty. This year’s summer sessions will include clinics and from such faculty members as trumpeter Clay Jenkins, drummer Steve Houghton, vocalist Darmon Meader and trombonist Jim Pugh. A full list of faculty is available on Tritone Jazz’s website.

“The camp tagline is ‘Play, Learn, Laugh,’ and the campers have an opportunity to do a lot of all three,” says DeRosa, who adds that participants have the opportunity to play in several different settings. Throughout the duration of the camp, students work in small combos, partake in improvisation classes, and perform in big bands, jam session and concert settings. Campers are also offered classes in ear training and participate in master classes led by the celebrity faculty.

Musically speaking, DeRosa says the camp focuses on “mainstream jazz.” Studies often include the works of Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington and Count Basie. And from an educational standpoint, Tritone’s curriculum is grounded firmly in the belief that any camper is capable of improving both their playing and listening skills. DeRosa says that Tritone Fantasy Camps help adult learners get to the “next level” no matter how experienced they are.

Applicants are still welcome to apply for one or all of the camps, but you better hurry. Enrollment deadlines are May 10 (Tritone Jazz at Interlochen), July 1(Tritone Cool at the Lake) and July 15 (Tritone Jazz at Naz).

—Adam Larson

For more information on the camps and application materials, visit the Tritone Jazz website

2011 Tritone Fantasy Camp clinician Gene Bertoncini (Photo: Don Jackson)


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