Scott Stretches Boundaries
Posted 9/5/2012

How has the band adjusted to not only the name but also the musical direction that you’re taking?

They’ve been supportive, but they’re still my friends so they make fun of me [laughs]. Sometimes, they make little songs about my name. Jamire [Williams] has this thing where he calls me “lowercase a, capital T.” Matthew [Stevens] makes little jokes about the name. All in all, I think they’ve been great about this because they get tapped just based on their proximity to me. I have to allow them to have humor in it because it’s also a very hard thing for them. They have to constantly have conversations with people who don’t agree with or are upset at the fact that I did what I did. Everybody that you meet is really a mirror, and sometimes you look into the mirror and see something that you don’t want to see looking back at you.

Your upcoming shows and tours will be geared toward promoting the new album. While continuing to tour, are you also working on new projects?

I’m thinking about putting together a superband, but everything is still in its infancy. I’m excited to build a new band with … guys like [drummer] Thomas Pridgen. Also, the guys that have been in the quintet for the last six years are starting to make their way out. Jamire’s got a new album—Conflict Of A Man (Don’t Cry Recordings, 2012)—and Matthew has an album coming out next year. I also got some young guys who are about to come up and show the world what they have to offer. I’m excited about that because it’s the first time we’re starting to build a musical context with guys that learned to play listening to my music. It’s a different type of thing when you’re building a band and referencing things musically, and these guys already have all that stuff together because they were listening to you when they were 14. So, it’s been a very fun process.

Shannon J. Effinger

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