Unreleased Prince Recordings Set to be Issued


Piano & A Microphone 1983 is set to be released in September.

(Photo: The Prince Estate/Allen Beaulieu)

Prince, who died April 21, 2016, would have been 60 today.

Marking that, the musician’s estate and Warner Bros. have announced the posthumous release of Piano & A Microphone 1983, which was recorded at Prince’s home in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The album’s set for release Sept. 21.

The nine tracks, clocking in at about 35 minutes, ostensibly find Prince in rehersal mode, as he’s working through songs like “17 Days” and “Purple Rain” that wouldn’t be properly issued until 1984.

“This raw, intimate recording, which took place at the start of Prince’s career right before he achieved international stardom, is similar in format to the Piano & A Microphone Tour that he ended his career with in 2016,” said Prince Estate entertainment adviser Troy Carter. “The estate is excited to be able to give fans a glimpse of his evolution and show how his career ultimately came full circle with just him and his piano.”

For additional information, visit the Prince Estate website. DB

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