Peter Kavanaugh

Look For The Silver Lining
(Self Release)

Los Angeles jazz guitarist Peter Kavanaugh operates in the tradition of such thoughtful plectrists as Jim Hall, Kenny Burrell and Ed Bickert. His new album is a fine collection of low-key small band performances, and while the material is largely familiar, the program contains surprises.

Kavanaugh is an unhurried player: He smoothes out Dave Brubeck’s “It’s A Raggy Waltz,” luxuriates in the Latinate exotica of “La Rosita” and is relaxed on a brisk “Let’s Fall In Love.” His lyricism never flags and Kavanaugh assumes a variety of different sounds, creating different moods. Jonathan Dane’s trumpet embroiders melodic contributions on three numbers but is especially soulful on “Rosita.” Likewise, tenor saxophonists Kyle O’Donnell and Javier Vergara make short but a ecting solo offerings. And who knew that punk rock drummer DJ Bonebrake could provide such sensitive vibraphone accompaniment throughout?

Look For The Silver Lining says all it has to say without overstaying its welcome. That’s admirable in an era when “extended” recordings often try to make up for a lack of quality with quantity.

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November 2018
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