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    Chicago pianist Charles Joseph Smith says War Of The Martian Ghosts, which he began composing in the ’90s, was inspired by saxophonist Caroline Davis, the film Mars Attacks! and techniques of minimalist composers.

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    Bettye LaVette interprets 12 Bob Dylan songs on her album Things Have Changed.

    Bettye LaVette Revamps Dylan Tunes

    A few years ago, singer Bettye LaVette was backstage at a festival in Italy and found herself walking about 50 feet…

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    ​Vocalist Fay Claassen doesn’t have any immediate plans to tour the States, but says there’s “a very modern, free scene” in Germany.

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    Drummer Makaya McCraven has a new leader album, Highly Rare.

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    Vocalist Mavis Staples’ new album is titled If All I Was Was Black.

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    In the spotlight: Tony Bennett at Ravinia in Highland Park, Illinois, on Aug. 4

    Bennett Soars in Familiar Setting

    Just after Tony Bennett jaunted onstage at Ravinia in Highland Park, Illinois, on Aug. 4, he sang the Gordon Jenkins…

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    Guitarist Wes Montgomery plays at the Essex House Hotel in Indianapolis in 1959.

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