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    Alex Malheiros (left), José Roberto Bertrami, Ariovaldo Contesini and Ivan Conti began playing as Azymuth in the early ’70s.

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    The development of Star People Nation—the first album in which Theo Croker has sole producer credit—involved an 18-month journey to both U.S. coasts and multiple recording studios, where he played auxiliary keyboards and synths, crafted electronic and acoustic beats, incorporated samples and wrote lyrics to be sung by himself and special guests.

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    Los Angeles producer Daedelus is among a handful of artists, along with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s Layzie Bone and Kneebody drummer Nate Wood, who have expressed interest in working with Zero System Immersive Music. The California label is at the vanguard of finding a space for creative music in virtual reality and immersive technology.

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