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    Singer Dee Dee Bridgewater was among the performers on Blue Note at Sea.
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    Jeff Hamilton (foreground) performs during the Vail Jazz Workshop in Vail, Colorado. The workshop ran from Aug. 31–Sept. 4.
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    Linda May Han Oh onstage at the 2017 Monterey Jazz Festival, held Sept. 15–17 in California.
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    Billy Hart performs as part of The Cookers at the PDX Jazz Festival in Portland, Oregon, on Feb. 18.
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    Ravi Coltrane (center) appears with an eight-piece wind ensemble and a jazz quartet at the PDX Jazz Festival’s celebration of John Coltrane in Portland, Oregon.

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    Tony Williams

    Two Decades of Drum Innovation

    Tony Williams erupted onto the jazz scene in 1963 as a 17-year-old prodigy with a full-blown, volcanic style of…

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