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    Cecil Taylor—shown here performing in Cologne, Germany, in 1987—died April 5. He was 89.

    In Memoriam: Cecil Taylor

    Trumpeter Eddie Gale only made one album—the legendary 1966 Unit Structures on Blue Note—with pianist Cecil Taylor,…

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    Anthony Braxton performs at a 1993 gig that yielded some of the material on Sextet (Parker) 1993.

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    Guitarist Ryan Meagher seems to be settling into his adopted hometown, Portland, Oregon.

    Ryan Meagher’s Fevered Mind

    Finding a few minutes in Ryan Meagher’s increasingly busy schedule to talk about his new album is a unique challenge.…

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    Pianist Ethan Iverson played Geri Allen’s “For John Malachi” at Portland’s Winningstad Theatre during the Biamp PDX Jazz Festival.

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    Born in South Africa in 1939, Hugh Masekela spent 30 years living in exile, before returning in 1990. He lived there for the remainder of his life, maintaining a busy career.

    In Memoriam: Hugh Masekela

    Hugh Masekela, a beloved multi-instrumentalist and activist from South Africa whose long career included a surprise pop…

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    Alicia Hall Moran and Thomas Flippin perform at Gavin Brown’s enterprise in New York.

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