We Live Here

Lorenzo De Finti Quartet

Losen Records

After years of productions and concerts based on electric jazz, Swiss-Italian pianist Lorenzo De Finti really felt that he needed to turn the page and begin a new chapter in his musical adventure.

He was looking for an acoustic atmosphere—for the right sound—and he wanted a lineup that could help him reach the intensity of a classical chamber ensemble. What came from this exercise is an elegant suite for jazz quartet, released by the Norwegian label Losen Records.

“Writing, rehearsing and playing We Live Here took us into a musical space closer to classical music than jazz, although the final product, as someone has said, is ‘pure modern jazz.’ So take your time, turn down the lights, and enjoy the whole suite without interruption: Something very beautiful might happen!” —Lorenzo De Finti

“This is definitely a wonderful album for connoisseurs of mainstream melodic modern jazz, and it should make most jazz fans around the globe very happy. For people with high-end stereo equipment, this is sonic heaven on earth!” —Adam Baruch

“Well-spun as the melodies are, De Finti is equally unafraid to slow down and leave room, whether it’s for Gendrikson Mena’s nuanced horn shadings or just to let the notes breathe. The here they’re living in for this moment is a subdued one, inviting, eloquent and understatedly beautiful.” —AAJ



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