Dan Tepfer

Elected to the Hall of Fame

Dan Tepfer's news entries:

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    “I think one of the great privieges we have as artists is that we can choose what game we play,” Dan Tepfer says of his fun but challenging daily practice routines.

    Dan Tepfer Raises His Practice Game

    On Jan. 1, 2023, Dan Tepfer recorded a video of himself at the piano, improvising four-voice chords that moved through…

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    The Irving S. Gilmore International Piano Festival features Diana Krall.

    The Gilmore Festival is Back

    Billed as “North America’s largest gathering of keyboard artists,” the 15th biennial Irving S. Gilmore…

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    Violinist Tomoko Omura and her husband, pianist Glenn Zaleski, are set to stream a performance on Sunday.

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    Reedist Scott Robinson is set to stream a set via the Smalls website Friday alongside pianist Helen Sung, bassist Martin Wind and drummer Peter Van Nostrand.

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    ​Bassist Adi Meyerson is set to stream an Art Is Alive set Friday.

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    Dan Tepfer (left) and Aaron Diehl perform at the Greenwich House Music School in New York on April 27.

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