New York City shaped the motifs that run throughout Basquiat’s work. Shown here are his pieces King Zulu (left) and Dog Bite/Ax to Grind.

(Photo: Jean-Michel Basquiat)

The Musical World of Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s bold and challenging images have gone from their origins in the streets of New York to worldwide acclaim. Musical ideas were vivid throughout his work as…

Tashi Dorji/Susie Ibarra

Master Of Time
(Astral Spirits)

Daniel Carter/Matthew Shipp/William Parker/Gerald Cleaver
Welcome Adventure! Vol. 2
(577 Records)

Alune Wade

The Lighting Of The Lamps


Kate Cincinnati
(American Dreams)

Multicolored Midnight

Jakob Bro & Joe Lovano
Once Around The Room: A Tribute To Paul Motian

Various Artists
Haunted High
(Craft Recordings)


Albert Ayler

Albert Ayler: The Truth Is Marching In

In a restaurant-bar in Greenwich Village, tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler was ruminating on the disparity between renown and income. In his case, anyway. Covers of his albums are prominent in the windows of more and more jazz record stores; references to him are increasingly frequent in jazz magazines, here and abroad; a growing number of players are trying to sound like him.

“I’m a new star, according to a magazine in England,” Ayler said, “and I don’t even have fare to England. Record royalties? I never see any. Oh, maybe I’ll get $50…

Growing Up Monk

On Sale Now
January 2023
Fred Hersch & esperanza spalding
Look Inside
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