Ed Palermo has been known to embody a larger-than-life persona during his big band’s live shows.

(Photo: Steffen Schindler)

Ed Palermo Oversees A Circus

Palermo’s namesake big band has earned a reputation as a virtual circus of jazz-rock medleys, mashups, jump-cuts and other spirited musical mischief.

Rightly so. For more…

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Claudio Roditi (1946–2020)

(Photo: David Gahr)

Claudio Roditi’s Gentle Fire

During a performance you usually see Claudio Roditi adjusting a mic to position one of his brass instruments—the trumpeter is particular about the way he sounds on stage. But here at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola in Manhattan, Roditi’s bending over to bring his mouth to the mic, and the results are tickling the packed house. “Choo-choo-cha-cha, choo-choo cha cha,” he sings, blending in with the shakers of drummer Duduka da Fonseca and the percolations created by the other band members. The Music of Jobim ensemble, co-led by da Fonseca and pianist…

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