Han Bennink

Elected to the Hall of Fame

Han Bennink's news entries:

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    Han Bennink (left), Sonny Rollins and Ruud Jacobs in concert at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in Arnhem, The Netherlands, the evening of May 3, 1967

    When Sonny Rollins Went Dutch

    Sonny Rollins lives firmly in the present. The esteemed tenor saxophonist—whose voice as a cutting-edge jazz artist…

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    Brodie West’s Clips is due out Sept. 21.

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    Han Bennink performs at Jazzkaar, a 10-day jazz festival in Tallinn, Estonia, that began April 21.

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    Misha Mengelberg (1935–2017)

    Misha Mengelberg Dies at 81

    Pianist Misha Mengelberg, a towering figure in the world of free-jazz, died in Amsterdam on March 3. He was 81.


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