Ornette Coleman

Elected to the Hall of Fame
1969 Readers Poll

Ornette Coleman's news entries:

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    From left, Demian Cabaud, Ariel Bringuez, Jorge Rossy and Miguel Zenón interpret the music of the Ornette Coleman Quartet on Law Years.

    Zenón Finds Light in Ornette

    Once, when alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón was working as Charlie Haden’s sideman, Ornette Coleman joined his former…

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    Trumpeter Lee Morgan (left) is the subject of Kasper Collin’s I Called Him Morgan.

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    Jamaaladeen Tacuma (center) produced the most recent album for The Last Poets, a collaborative effort called Transcending Toxic Times.

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    On June 29, the Impulse! label issued previously unreleased studio recordings by John Coltrane (left), Elvin Jones, Jimmy Garrison and McCoy Tyner under the title Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album.

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    Grant Green (1935–’79) is one of the dozens of artists who are showcased on Record Store Day releases.

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    The 10-LP set The Atlantic Years explores how Ornette Coleman changed the shape of jazz.

    Ornette Coleman’s Revolution

    There’s no question that Atlantic Records was keen to capitalize on Ornette Coleman’s reputation as a jazz…

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