Poncho Sanchez

Elected to the Hall of Fame

Poncho Sanchez's news entries:

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    The Monterey Jazz Festival, one of many reopening for late summer.

    Bringing Back the Festivals!

    In what has to be billed as the great jazz reopening, festivals are coming back online, many with late-breaking plans…

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    Whether riffing on his latest album, his dynastic jazz family, his formative experiences in Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, his teaching experiences, his interest in science or his love of sports, Branford Marsalis speaks his truth.

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    Poncho Sanchez’s new album, Trane’s Delight, offers a distinctly West Coast blend of Latin soul, r&b, post-bop and cool-jazz.

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    Conguero Poncho Sanchez is set to issue Trane’s Delight on Sept. 20 through Concord Picante.

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