February 2020


Nicholas Payton

‘Creating Culture’

Trumpeter Marquis Hill interviews one of his key influences: Payton. In a wide-ranging conversation, the elder trumpeter discusses the music industry, and incorporating his own vocals and keyboard work into concerts and recordings.

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Revisiting the ‘Stank Groove’

    For a generation of African-American guitarists growing up in the ’60s, Hendrix’s Band Of Gypsys was revelatory. The album, which introduced the guitarist’s new trio with bassist Billy Cox and drummer Buddy Miles, reached the Top 10 on the Billboard album chart.

  • Kris Davis

    Innovation as Motivation

    Energized and inspired by her opportunities, pianist Davis is gaining a higher profile and more listeners by being at the crux of multiple scenes and movements. But she’s no overnight sensation.

  • Gordon Goodwin

    Total Devotion

    Goodwin came of age as a professional musician alongside others who ended up carrying the torch passed to them from the elite Hollywood studio recording community, some of whom now form the core of his signature ensemble, The Big Phat Band.

Blindfold Test

Roxy Coss was tested on the following tracks for the “Blindfold Test”:

  • Eric Alexander: “Everything Happens To Me” from High Note (Second Impression)
  • George Colligan: “Empty” from More Powerful (Whirlwind)
  • Sara Serpa: “Quiet Riot” from Close Up (Clean Feed)
  • Mark Turner/Ethan Iverson: “Myron’s World” from Temporary Kings (ECM)
  • Melissa Aldana: “Acceptance” from Motéma (Visions)
  • Four Visions Saxophone Quartet: “Legions” from Four Visions (Sunnyside)
  • Chase Baird: “As You Are” from A Life Between (Soundsabound)
  • Dave Holland: “Tenor-Bass W1” from Uncharted Territories (Dare2)
  • Randy Brecker/Ada Rovatti: “The Queen Of Bibelot” from Sacred Bond: Brecker Plays Rovatti (Piloo)
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