JUNE 2024


Kenny Garrett & Svoy

Who Killed AI?

Kenny Garrett has released his 18th album as a leader or co-leader, a collaboration with electronic music artist Svoy titled, provocatively, Who Killed AI? (Mack Avenue). DownBeat checks in with the collaborators so see if they’re the culprits!

  • Maria Schneider Orchestra

    A Boxful of Treasure
  • Matt Wilson's


    47th Annual DownBeat Student Music Awards
Blindfold Test

Saxophonist Tim Warfield doesn’t actually hail from Philadelphia — his roots are a couple of hours west, in York, Pennsylvania — but the city has been one of his musical homes throughout his career.
He honed his skills alongside frequent collaborator Terell Stafford at Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus, which ushered him into the band of organ great Shirley Scott. Warfield’s first-ever Blindfold Test was also Philly’s first, hosted by Temple University’s Boyer College of Music and Dance, where Warfield is a longtime member of the faculty. “We’ll see if I’m up to the challenge,” Warfield said at the outset, in front of an audience of students and the public. He granted a 5-star rating across the board, saying, “This is a lifestyle; it’s a belief system. It’s art, which is very challenging, and it takes a lot of energy. You have to believe in what you do, put it out there and not be afraid to be vulnerable. So from that premise alone, I’ll give five stars to everybody.”

  • Jeremy Pelt: “Backroad” from Men Of Honor (HighNote, 2010)
  • Melissa Aldana: “Alegria” from Back Home (Wommusic, 2016)
  • George Coleman: “Lo-Joe” from Amsterdam After Dark (Timeless, 1979)
  • Dexter Gordon: “Jumpin’ Blues ” from American Classic (Elektra, 1982)
  • James Brandon Lewis: “A Lotus Speaks” from Molecular (Intakt, 2020)
  • Al Foster: “Pent-Up House” from Reflections (Smoke Sessions, 2022)
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