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Like an unruly, self-determined river, Keith Jarrett’s pursuit of musical truth has taken him in a multiplicity of directions, either coursing a wide swath or branching off into tiny tangential rivulets. …

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Keith Jarrett. You say you already know all there is to know about the pianist/composer/improviser? …

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jarrett, their son Gabriel, a dog and several cats live in a comfortable two-story home in western New Jersey, near the Pennsylvania border. New York is two hours away. …

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REVIEW | Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden

August 2010


ECM 2165

Fitting for this instrumental recording, we begin with the words. Keith Jarrett has a way with language that mirrors in some respect his wizardry at the keyboard: His liner essay for Jasmine is as simple as the elements that he and Haden applied to these classic tunes, yet their meaning is complex and elusive, much like the emotions stirred by the songs themselves and their interpretations in particular. …

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