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A few short weeks before both his 60th birthday and the release of an album that he calls the most important of his career, Keith Jarrett is in a buoyant mood, good-natured and eager to converse. …

Last year’s Keith Jarrett Trio double album Always Let Me Go (ECM) is accompanied by a short narrative that the pianist wrote for the liner notes. …

“Jazz may be the only art form that asks the player—not the conductor, not any detached entities from the actual playing—to find out who he is and then decide if it’s good enough to …

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REVIEWS | Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette

August 2013


ECM 2200

“You have to know the songs,” Oscar Peterson used to admonish budding pianists. His lesson: Only through intimate knowledge of harmony, melody and lyrical nuance can you render the songwriter’s hand invisible. …

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December 2002

Always Let Me Go

ECM 1724/25

Listening to improvised music is no a passive act; it’s a creative process. This principle is especially true of the totally improvised work of Keith Jarrett, such as his 30-year series of solo concerts and his two most recent trio recordings, Inside Out and Always Let Me Go. …

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January 2002

Inside Out

ECM 1724/25

After 18 years together and 13 recordings, several of them multiple-disc sets, it might seem difficult to pinpoint a career highlight, but for Keith Jarrett’s Standards Trio, this could be it. Recorded at London’s Royal Festival Hall . …

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February 2001

Whisper Not

ECM 1724/25

No improviser brings emotion to the surface more tellingly than Keith Jarrett, and on The Melody At Night With You, his acclaimed 1999 solo recital, the master pianist, who has suffered in recent years from chronic fatigue syndrome, palpably conveyed the depths of spiritual angst .…

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