Dave Anderson

Blue Innuendo
(Label 1)

The New York-based saxophonist-composer Dave Anderson has pulled together a stellar lineup of fellow New Yorkers for the first recording under his own imprint, Label 1, and third album overall. Organist Pat Bianchi, a longtime member of Pat Martino’s trio, fuels this B-3 quartet session with his deep-grooving bass lines, warm comping and exhilarating right-handed runs, while fleet-fingered guitarist Tom Guarna plays Anderson’s partner on the frontline, executing tight unison and harmony lines on heads and contributing a number of outstanding solos, particularly on the surging modernist opener “Urban Dilemma,” the exuberantly swinging “Redeye” and the funky “22 Doors.” Veteran drummer and joyful swinger Matt Wilson elevates the proceedings with a flowing rhythmic pulse, hip syncopations and unpredictable accents on the kit.

Minnesota native Anderson alternates between soprano and tenor saxophones throughout this copasetic session, soaring on the former on the uptempo romp “Genealogy” and the lush ballad “Stuck,” while digging deep on the latter on his burner “12-Step Blues,” the mellow bossa nova-flavored “Parallel Present” and his ode to Joe Henderson, “The Phantom.” Wilson showcases his remarkably melodic approach to the kit on “Two-Tone Tune,” while Bianchi delivers a combination of laid back charm and pure burn on the title track, Anderson’s tribute to organ great Joey DeFrancesco. Great chemistry, great playing and good vibes by a kindred crew.