Miles Osland

Collaborations, Vol. 3–Swedish Connections

Miles Osland’s Collaborations series previously matched the reed player in duets on Vol. 1 with guitarist Dieter Hennings Yeomans and drummer Paul Deatherage, and with vibraphonist Anders Astrand on Vol. 2. The newly released Vol. 3, a two-CD set recorded in Sweden, is a bit more elaborate.

The first disc has Osland (who switches between flute, alto and soprano) in an intriguing quintet with Jan Levander (sopranino, soprano, tenor, baritone and tubax, plus background bagpipes and guitar), Alberto Pinto (flute, bass clarinet and baritone), bassist Filip Augustine and drummer Anders Astrand. Levander contributed most of the originals, and the music covers a wide variety of ground. “Hands Up” is a swinging piece that contains some wild free playing; one thinks of Eric Dolphy when he played with straightahead groups.

The second disc is quite a bit different since it features a trio with Osland (mostly on flute and soprano), bassist Mikael Bergland and Astrand switching to vibes. Starting with a Swedish folk song, the set includes Dave Samuels’ haunting “Slow Dance,” three pieces by Bergland, one from Astrand and the lengthy and episodic “Time Is.” Astrand shows throughout that he is a masterful vibraphonist, while Osland has plenty of opportunities to stretch out.

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February 2023
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