Cecilie Grundt Quintet

Contemporary Old School

Cecilie Grundt’s eclectic arrangements offer a taste of Norway’s innovative jazz scene.

Taken together, the numbers on Contemporary Old School set a relaxed and intellectual mood with just a few cacophonous moments included on the quintet’s debut. Yet, these more noisy passages are an exhibition of the saxophonist’s control and skill. Even at the band’s most aggressive, Grundt’s group never loses control. “In Stages” hints at what’s to come, piano lines eventually being joined by bold trumpet and saxophone moves. Other cuts, like “Space Continuity,” provide surprises as percussive, wooden knocks join with mouse-like squeaks from the bandleader.

First meeting at conservatory and gigging for the past several years, the band’s debut portends only more thoughtful and well-conceived recordings in the future.

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April 2020
Gregory Porter
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