Mountain Factory Quintet


Twin brothers François and Louis Moutin are the pulsing heart of The Moutin Factory, a lithe post-bop quintet whose new album, Deep, welds soaring optimism to harmonic nuance and rhythmic daring.

From its tempestuous opening, “Love Stream,” to its probing closer, “In The Name Of Love,” the disc is full of tracks that are never far from the point of sublimation. The spark is obvious on tunes like “Hell’s Kitchen,” which bustles with the energy of the titular Manhattan neighborhood, and “Shift,” with its hive-like frenzy. But there’s also a palpable energy to slower songs like “Hope Street” and especially “In The Name,” which, after a soulful unaccompanied bass solo, derives its fuel from the piercing tone of Manu Codjia’s guitar.

Saxophonist Christophe Monniot and pianist Jean-Michel Pilc contribute dynamic solo voices throughout, but the most impressive element of this album is the band’s ability to cohere so tightly as they hurdle through space. For pure fun, check out the bass feature “Fat’s Medley,” a reverently tongue-in-cheek homage to Mr. Waller that accelerates to light-speed.

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