Gustavo Cortinas

Desafio Candente
(Woolgathering Records 014)

Listeners familiar with Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra are sure to experience a bit of reverie after hearing the opening fanfare of Gustavo Cortinas’ Desafio Candente. Inspired by Eduardo Galeano’s book The Open Vein of Latin America, Cortinas has produced a veritable musical score, replete with all the revolutionary nuances and cadences invoked by Galeano. The author’s critique of slavery, colonialism, capitalism and imperialism has its equivalency in Cortinas’s melodies. On “Pachacuti,” the tantalizing interplay between trombonist Euan Edmonds and trumpeter Drew Hansen evokes the struggle and resistance that was such a part of the fight for liberation. A similar fury resounds on “La Fiebre del Oro” when saxophonist Artie Black presents his musical credentials with a tinge of Latin verve. The revolt against oppression reaches a climax that is better understood with Galeano’s book in your hand and Cortinas music in your ears.

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August 2024
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