Danish saxophonist Cecilie Strange first made a name for herself as the leader of a trio whose rich, tonal soundscapes produced two evocative albums: Blue (2020) and Blikan (2021). Then she met her musical soulmate, guitarist Anna Roemer, and blossomed into her latest incarnation as the co-leader of KELIIDO. During a series of live performances, the two mind-melding artists began evolving their shared vision of ambient improvised music and released Voyages, their 2021 debut. Now comes the hauntingly beautiful Elements, which is like a prayer for the Earth at a time when our natural environment sorely needs to be healed.

“Sky Part I,” the first multipart track devoted to four elements, wafts in on the gentle breeze of Roemer’s shimmering guitar. Drifting up through low-hanging clouds, Strange’s saxophone paints the sky with colors, and Mikkel Hess’ drums rumble into “Sky Part II” like a gathering storm. Giant-step guitar chords take us back down to “Terra Part I,” “Terra Part II” and “Terra Part III,” but those tracks are hardly Earthbound. Hannah Scheneider’s choir of heavenly voices is like a siren call that lures listeners to the currents of “Ocean Part I” and “Ocean Part II.”

The whole ensemble burns hotter and brighter on “Ember Part I” and “Ember Part II.” Introduced by the glowing coals of Anders “AC” Christensen’s bass, and powered by crackling drums, vocals soar above the saxophone’s dancing flames and mysterioso guitar plucks. Need a deep-healing balm for these uncertain times? Turn down the lights and let Elements wash over you.

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December 2023
Pharoah Sanders
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