Raphael Wressnig & Igor Prado

Groove & Good Times

The scale of this package hints that there’s a helping of myth-making that plays a role in its very existence. It’s also important to note that some of the brightest stars of the Daptone Galaxy (Naomi Shelton, Charles Bradley and Sharon Jones among them) had their lights snuffed out in the years following this album’s 2014 recording, helping to cement the sense that the sets captured here at New York City’s Apollo Theater are rare, and therefore important. But looking beyond the album’s decadent packaging (celebrating the label’s 20th anniversary), the music captured within also speaks volumes, even if inadvertently.

This record serves as a powerful gateway drug, a means of discovery of an esthetic for those who missed the heyday of mid-century American soul, funk and gospel music.

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July 2024
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