Dave Glasser

Hypocrisy Democracy
(Here Tiz)

There might have been a few political references on saxophonist Dave Glasser’s previous albums. But those nods are more evident on Hypocrisy Democracy, which to some degree makes sense for the son of Ira Glasser, the former executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

On “Justice,” the vigorous exchanges between pianist Andy Milne and drummer Matt Wilson are nicely mediated by Glasser’s interpolations. “Freedom” plays off the album’s title, as well as providing the group with an expansive tableaux, a kind of mixed-bag approach to ensemble creativity. Indices of bebop blend with hard-bop urgencies—always with Glasser’s horn upfront and lyrical. But his lyricism on flute becomes all the more poignant on “It’s A Small World,” the only track here not composed by the leader. “Revolver” offers urban nuances with Wilson practically replicating rounds of gunfire, followed by Milne’s pianistic teardrops.

When all is said and done on this absolutely engaging album, “It’s Nothing New,” with its abstract smears of colorful sounds, sums up Glasser’s work, one that’s steeped in the bebop canon, yet replete with an ever-evolving freshness.

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May 2024
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