Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine

Jazz At Berlin Philharmonic XI: The Last Call

This live January 2017 recording rekindled the musical partnership of guitar greats Larry Coryell and Philip Catherine, who toured extensively during the mid-’70s and recorded two studio albums during that time. Being masters of chordal invention, as well as stellar improvisers, they each provide sublime accompaniment while also delivering plenty of solo sparks throughout the set.

They open with the challenging “Miss Julie,” Coryell’s chops-busting opus from 1977’s Twin-House that sets the evening’s tone. Luiz Bonfa’s bossa nova “Manhã De Carnaval” is a showcase for the duo’s gentle rapport, as well as an outlet for Coryell to integrate his signature speedy licks and false harmonics into the fabric of the hauntingly beautiful minor-key ballad. The two guitarists close out the performance with a rendition of “Green Dolphin Street,” accompanied by pianist Jan Lundgren, bassist Lars Danielsson and trumpeter Paolo Fresu, who carries the melody. Four weeks after this Berlin appearance, Coryell died in his sleep at the age of 73, putting a sad postscript on this otherwise exuberant concert.