Tashi Dorji/Susie Ibarra

Master Of Time
(Astral Spirits)

Though Master Of Time is drummer Susie Ibarra and guitarist Tashi Dorji’s first recording as a duo, there is a fluidity in their improvisation that feels incredibly comfortable and familiar.

“Confluence” begins with understated percussive vibrations and contemplative strings, before turning to darker, industrial tones and sharp notes. The extended improvisation builds in heat over time, with Dorji’s guitar becoming more feverish and Ibarra’s drums morphing into sheets of sound.

The duo hits their stride on “The Way Of The Clouds,” with Ibarra’s propulsive percussion the perfect match to Dorji’s dynamic strings. On this track, Dorji is imaginative and virtuosic, moving deftly through pulsing rock motifs, mentholated guitar riffs and ominous atonal lines.

Ibarra and Dorji are more solemn and introspective on “Moments Of Time ‘’ and “Mist Of Light,” which are bonus tracks included only on the digital version of the album. Ibarra shows off her mastery of tempo with crisp and iridescent percussion on “Moments In Time,” while Dorji’s warbling tones take center stage in “Mist Of Light.”

Recorded live at the Tang Teaching Museum in April 2019, Master Of Time was a live performance commissioned as part of the exhibition “The Second Buddha: Master Of Time,” which showcased the story of the Indian Buddhist master Padmasambhava, who was said to have the ability to see through time to predict troubled times in the future. Master Of Time brings together two virtuosos in their own right.

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