Rahsaan Barber

(Jazz Music City)

Recorded amid the pandemic, Mosaic somehow manages to capture the vibe of the proverbial smoke-filled, wood-paneled jazz club of yore: offering an expansive collection of vintage-flavored straightahead jazz (all original Barber compositions) that could stand up alongside evergreen albums such as John Wright’s 1960 Prestige debut South Side Soul.

“The Pink Piranha” is a classically styled slow-walk number that dazzles; it’s chock full of glittering hi-hat. Rahsaan’s playing here gives off flavors of Gene Ammons LPs, with bluebird-worthy trills reminiscent of Willis Jackson deep cuts. In response, Rahsaan’s twin brother, Roland, lays down a mean, trill-laden trombone solo of his own.

Everyone in the core unit — Nathan Warner on trumpet, pianist Matt Endahl, bassist Jack Aylor and drummer Derrek Phillips — deliver tight, polished performances, augmented by memorable guest turns from Roland Barber (on trombone, primarily) and Nathan Warner (on trumpet).

“Just Jack” presents a welcome respite, even more intimate than the tight combo on most other tracks here. Aylor’s moody, expressive solo excursion leads into “Koala,” a luscious, light-dappled tune.

And for all the throwback vibes Mosaic has to offer, it also offers timely statements, such as the melancholy lament of “Breonna Taylor (How Many More?).” Phillips offers a crashing, rolling cinematic drum treatment that indelibly underlines the imminence of the track’s sentiment.

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