Caity Gyorgy

Now Pronouncing: Caity Gyorgy
(La Reserve Records)

Canadian jazz singer Caity Gyorgy, in addition to having a warm voice and swinging phrasing, is a skilled songwriter whose originals sound as if they are from the 1950s with more modern lyrics. For this 20-minute EP, she has a 10-piece band performing five of her originals.

The program begins with “Secret Safe,” a love song that includes some concise solos, a wee bit of excellent scatting, a big band sound and a joyful story. In contrast, the waltz ballad “There By The Door” is a nostalgic piece filled with regret. “12th Avenue” is about love at first sight, where Gyorgy sings with awe, wistfulness and wonder about the power of the first glance. However, that feeling is completely absent from “Why’d You Gotta,” which is about being deceived by a wandering boyfriend. However, all is not lost because her treatment of the sad tale is swinging and witty, making it clear that the singer does not care much anymore.

Throughout this EP, Gyorgy displays a lot of potential. One reservation is that these renditions are brief. Next time, she and her band should take the opportunity to stretch out more.

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May 2024
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