On eight of Party’s 10 tunes, German drummer Jo Beyer opens with a beautiful, consonant melody, steeped in pathos. Then, in almost every case, that introductory idea is vamped to death. Beyer and his quartet then introduce some form of abrasive improvisation that, for all its harshness, one might think at least provides some contrast and, thereby, relief. Alas.

On “Bei Rosa,” for example, Beyer’s own solo quickly succumbs to the same kind of wheel-spinning it might otherwise subvert. A second solo, by pianist Roman Babik, starts out promisingly, but soon does the same. Andreas Wahl’s electric guitar workout in the second half of “Instastory Hashtag Tourlife” blesses us with lack of repetition; unfortunately, alongside it comes aimless wandering through un- and under-developed ideas.

The closing “Kalk Post Romantik” takes the somewhat novel path of having Beyer noodle around on the drums while saxophonist Sven Decker, Babik and Wahl develop a cohesive, pretty—but repetitive—melody. Eventually, Beyer catches up and undergirds them for a spell, only to lose direction again for a frustratingly fitting finish.

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