Reaction And Reflection

Reaction and reflection are critical attributes in all facets of jazz, but perhaps paramount in free improvisation. And over seven tracks, American pianist Dave Burrell and Italian bassist Alessandro Nobile and drummer Antonio Moncada display a highly attuned ensemble instinct featuring Burrell’s personal touch.

Broken into episodes of “Reaction” and “Reflection,” the pianist demonstrates free ferocity, as well as a delicate, sometimes Monk-ish bounce. While tonality is a loose and wandering thing here, Moncada slips from atmospheric playing to semblances of feel, as on the anti-swing of “Reflection Two.” In the liner notes, Burrell explains how the beauty of Sicily’s landscape prodded the combustible music, making Reaction And Reflection a vessel for what was captured in Italy at the Vittoria Colonna Theater.

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December 2021
Roy Hargrove
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