Peter Eldridge/Kenny Werner


Peter Eldridge is not an ordinary singer, nor is he an extraordinary one, but his engaging baritone is appealing and he gets the job done.

On “Ballad For Trane,” when George Garzone adds his tenor to the mix, intimations of John Coltrane’s tonality and harmonic tincture blend impressively with Eldridge’s mellowness. After pianist Kenny Werner’s intro, Eldridge renders the lyrics atmospherically, never more lovely than on the line, “drifting through galaxies.” The track epitomizes not just Eldridge’s romantic inclination but all the ballads on the album, whether composed by the vocalist or not, and makes the title tune inevitable. “Somewhere” neatly morphs into “A Time For Love,” another warm and wonderful evergreen with lyrics by the redoubtable Paul Francis Webster. And on “Minds Of Their Own,” a lush tapestry of strings conspire, augmenting the tune’s gentle finality. Eldridge’s voice and Werner’s piano and arrangements are commanding throughout, but Matt Aronoff’s bass solo on “Autumn In Three” deserves a special nod. Like Garzone, he finds a way to complement Eldridge’s voice, registering a most sustained resonance.

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