Rempis Percussion Quartet

Sud Des Alpes
(Aerophonic Records)

David Rempis is a skilled purveyor of free improv musicality, by turns ferocious, melodic and even, with cleansing washes of lyricism along the way. In this two-drummer “chordless” aggregate, now with 15 years and 10 albums under its belt, the saxophonist-leader has forged an impressive ensemble alliance with the organically flexible drummers Tim Daisy and Frank Rosaly and Norwegian bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten.

The original tune titles on this live recording — “There’s A Jam On The Line,” “Evacuation” and “Late Arrival” — allude to a train delay in Switzerland that caused a late start to the show. Following the rugged and mercurial terrain of “There’s A Jam,” we ease into the sole cover tune, Art Ensemble of Chicago’s anthemic “Odwalla.” As if paying a respectful nod to his fellow Chicago legends, Rempis lends the iconic melody a fresh, ruminative and rubato spin, before segueing into “Evacuation,” kicking into higher-octane playing and casting a strong spotlight on the drummers (the ensemble’s “percussion” section). “Late Arrival” packs a raucous double-drumming jazz punch, before floating off on a surprisingly delicate, ethereal finale.

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October 2021
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