Brad Goode Quintet

That’s Right!

Practically every possible sound explodes from Brad Goode’s trumpet on That’s Right!

Goode’s pyrotechnics begin with a flourish on “Half Moon,” and his full-throated melodic lines quickly are repeated by Ernie Watts on tenor saxophone; his passages equal and often extend Goode’s solos and ideas. On “Regret,” essentially a ballad, Goode makes a spectacular ascent up the scales, before settling into a relaxed mode. But even here, with a matching efficiency from Watts, the trumpet is given a thorough workout. Kelly Sill’s bass tones things down, his expressive pulse accentuated by drummer Adam Nussbaum’s laidback beat. One of the pleasures of “Perplexity” is pianist Adrean Farrugia’s opening, which prefigures the sass and sizzle of Nussbaum’s drums and Goode’s muted, but tantalizing, sprints. “We Three” could have been named “We Five,” because the group meshes with a smooth intensity, ushered along by the indistinguishable notes by Farrugia and Goode.

Perhaps, as expected, “Jug Ain’t Gone” is Watts’ opportunity to take the spotlight. The final exchanges of fours drives this point home and also suggests the ensemble’s desire to prolong the session.

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