Carn Davidson 9

The History Of Us
(Three Pines)

This intensely personal album is a moving collection of two suites about family, memory and love. The third album of the ensemble led by Tara Davidson and William Carn features music made to embody the lives that make us, the moments that create and solidify our identities.

The first suite is inspired by Carn’s family’s immigration from Hong Kong to Canada, via Costa Rica. It is composed in honor of their courage, their ability to remake home.

For Davidson, the music is inspired by her late father’s family, as well as her late mother, for whom photographs encapsulate the memories from which she composes.

The ensemble is in perfect rhythm with the demands of such compositions. The beauty of personal history comes through in these suites that celebrate lives that are no longer present, and stories that have already taken place.

But those lives, those stories, become formative in new ways.

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May 2024
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