Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw

The Jazz Influencers

The Jazz Orchestra Of The Concertgebouw, recorded before a live audience in February 2020, offers a dozen detailed compositions by nine millennial musicians out to establish their individual voices. Except for guesting alto saxophonist Tineke Postma, the composers don’t themselves play, and half the program is arranged by Rob Horsting, whose stamp might be nuanced sectional blends and free use of space.

Its liner notes avow that this European cohort’s music is distinct from American jazz by virtue of it being written and performed by young musicians in Holland adopting a “more inclusive approach” to the music. But the compositions here embrace conventions of concert masters like Ellington and Kenton, while also nodding to Maria Schneider. The edgier legacy of Holland’s Instant Composers Pool is muted, but there are moments of affecting polyphony, such as the horns-only passages of “Whiplash.” Trombonist Bert Boeren’s solo on “Open Water” is another highlight, with Marco Kegel and Simon Rigter on sax, sustaining the song’s exoticism. Indeed, all the soloists aim high, supported by a rhythm section providing sensitive coloration, as well as power and sometimes swing. Throughout, the orchestra performs sectional call and response, rich harmonies, tricky syncopation and counterpoint faultlessly. It doesn’t resist going big, making full use of the dynamic and harmonic potentials of brass and reeds. —Howard Mandel

The Jazz Influencers: Giant; Whiplash; Lunar; Mercurial; Saturnine; Mushroom; Mynah; Brothers Keeper; Freya; Open Water; Pixelated Pariside; The Peter Cat. (75:35)

Personnel: Marco Kegel, Tineke Postma, alto saxophone; Simon Rigter, Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, tenor saxophone; Juan Martinez, baritone saxophone; Wim Both, Erik Veldkamp, Ruud Breuls, Jan van Duikeren, trumpet; Jan Oosting, Ilja Reijngoud, Bert Boeren, Martin van den Berg, trombone; Peter Beets, Rob van Bavel, piano; Martijn van Iterson, guitar; Frans van Geest, bass; Marcel Serierse, drums.

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