Eva Cortés

Todas Las Voces
(Truth Revolution)

Singer, songwriter and composer Eva Cortés has been crossing borders all her life. Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, she grew up in the heart of flamenco country in Seville, Spain, spent years in Paris and now shuttles between Madrid and New York. And here, in both Spanish and English, Cortés weaves a sonic tapestry threaded with pan-Latin rhythms for Todas Las Voces.

Heralded by the flamenco phrasing of Cuban pianist Elio Villafranca, Cortés’ voice pours out like warm honey over percussive crossrhythms on “Canción Con Todos,” a classic of the Latin American songbook most people know as “Todas Las Voces.” Cuban saxophonist Román Filiu echoes the imagery of the refugee experience summoned on Cortés’ “Desterrado” with wandering, nomadic notes as the ensemble reaches the shore, with Christian McBride’s bass tracing the path.

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May 2024
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