Meridian Trio

(Clean Feed)

The Meridian Trio’s debut is an exciting snapshot of the ever-evolving Chicago free-jazz scene. An album suited for seasoned listeners, those looking to get to know the scene and anyone in between, Triangulum puts together bluesy improvisation and free-spirited writing, all of it coated in a thick, focused intensity. Such qualities can certainly be attributed to the individual players, but it’s the trio as a whole that wields such astonishing power. These improvisers often seem to move together towards one indeterminate destination, and the unified cryptic nature of their performance rears its head in a way that encourages a feeling of foreboding but also one of comfort. The three players know each other well in this setting—thanks to their many weekly gigs prior to making this live recording—and they share a solid foundation upon which they can perpetually surprise each other, always pulling out new sounds and pushing themselves to new heights. The album has its tender moments as well as ominous vibes, but it brims with the swinging electricity for which the trio’s live performances are known.

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January 2024
Samara Joy
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