Carolina Calvache

Vida Profunda

Jazz vocals are, at their most basic level, a blend of music and poetry. With the arrangements on just her second album, Vida Profunda, pianist Carolina Calvache explores that truth to lovely effect, inspired by the words from a weighty roster of poets.

The title track, based on a work by Colombian poet Porfirio Barba-Jacob, features a yearning performance by Marta Gomez against a backdrop of soaring strings and Calvache’s piano. The poem speaks to the vulnerability of mankind, and that sentiment rings through its deliberate pacing. The track gives way to “Pájaro Yo,” which features Sofia Ribeiro interpreting the words of Pablo Neruda against delicately drawn runs by flutist Hadar Noiberg. Amid a delicate churn of strings, “El Rastro” finds vocalist Sara Serpa elegantly gliding through lyrics drawn from Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, and provides wordless counterweight to the flourishes of “Hope.” In these pieces, the literary-minded Calvache proves to have stories of her own to share as well.

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April 2024
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