Alyssa Allgood

What Tomorrow Brings
(Cellar Music Group)

Chicago-based Alyssa Allgood’s third album casts Allgood’s dry, expressive voice in a svelte chamber setting. Guitarist Mike Allemana, bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer George Fludas are more than accompanists, particularly Allemana, a master of the understated, single-note run.

While Allgood is in her twenties, she sings with a depth beyond her years, particularly on her covers of Abbey Lincoln’s “Should’ve Been” and Dinah Washington’s signature “This Bitter Earth.”

The album starts with a breezy “There Are Such Things,” a tune identified with Frank Sinatra that showcases Allemana’s economy of style and Allgood’s mastery of scat. The mood swings with Carroll’s “Enclosure,” a love song from an introvert’s point of view, while “Memories,” one of two Allgood-Carroll collaborations, presents the singer as a cynical woman whose memories “are out of touch and so are you.”

An Allemana-Allgood duet on “For All We Know” paves the way for “Passing Glance,” a supple Carroll-Allgood effort with Allemana at his densest, Allgood assured and daring.

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