Rebecca Trescher

Where We Go

Rebecca Trescher’s Where We Go is a suite of sonic journeys that tells a story and brims with a sense of discovery.

The expedition begins with “Spiral”: A laid-back saxophone soli evolves into a spacious free-jazz trio, featuring the vigorous alto saxophone of Anton Mangold, who leads the band as they steadily gain in intensity. With that, “Anflug” (German for “a trace”) features Trescher’s dynamic improvisations on bass clarinet while the ensemble simmers underneath.

Where We Go continues to build: glittering with high flute, piano and vibraphone on “Movement 8,” and on “Danach,” Agnes Lepp’s vocalizations emerge above the fray. Subtle hints of trebley glockenspiel and swelling harp add to a musical landscape that towers in pitch and intensity, and then quickly finds quiet and space. This anxious mood builds on “Green Day” with an eerie, plodding line shared among harp, piano and the moaning strings that give way to Trescher’s cascading clarinet improvisations. “The Lonely Ride” homes in on the repetition of a dark, dissonant piano pattern beneath a rising, triumphant melody and soaring tenor and vibes solos.

In the end, the focus on cascading timbres, punctuated by intricate saxophone countermelodies and the often-foreboding—and totally locked in—rhythm section, creates an elaborate world on Where We Go, and Trescher guides the listener through it with a skillful, cinematic touch.