Matthew Shipp Trio

World Construct

The Matthew Shipp Trio deftly moves from frenetic improvisation to contemplative meditation on World Construct. A crisp straightahead cut, “Tangible,” is a lively dance between Shipp’s muscular piano and bassist Michael Bisio’s crackling rhythm, while “Sustained Construct” seamlessly transitions into a somber, introspective piano solo.

Bisio’s precise lines and drummer Newman Taylor Baker’s frenetic beats are a fitting foil to Shipp’s lilting, contemplative lines. There’s a delicate balance and dynamic push-and-pull between the players that becomes more fully embodied over the course of the record. On “Jazz Posture,” Baker’s feverish percussion and Bisio’s subtle bass go toe-to-toe with Shipp’s angular, staccato lines. Shipp’s sharp melodic phrases create a controlled chaos, while Baker closes out with a vigorous and sweeping drum solo.

The trio thrives equally well in upbeat, accessible melodies as they do industrial, melancholic compositions. Baker displays a wide range of percussive textures on “Beyond Understanding,” leading the trio through a languorous and contemplative journey of exploration and introspection.

Baker’s steady hand and dynamic rhythm and Bisio’s profoundly solemn bass pull forward in the latter half of the record. Bisio’s methodical tempo and sparse, resonant notes are the backbeat to Shipp’s ruminating strokes on “Talk Power” and his agitated lines on “Abandoned.”

World Construct is a heady collection of free improvisation that showcases the trio’s deep connection, with each other and with the world they live in.

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