Edin Ladin

(Contagious Music)

Eden Ladin’s vibrant Yequm effortlessly fuses electronica and jazz in tunes spanning the moody “Lonely Arcade Man” and the exultant “The One Warm Hearted Man.”

A Tel Aviv native who joined the New York scene close to 10 years ago, Ladin’s piano is deft and purposeful. Check out his interplay with drummer Daniel Dor and bassist Harish Raghavan on the occasionally turbulent “Warm Hearted Man.” His compositions are dramatic and melodic.

A Middle Eastern tonality permeates the longer pieces on this solo debut, including “Safta,” an expansive portrait featuring John Ellis’ tenor saxophone and Gilad Hekselman’s guitar; “Times Square,” paced by Dor’s subtle drums; and the ethereal “Dreams,” which lays the feathery vocals of Camila Meza over Ladin’s piano.

A diverse album of mood and texture, it’s also one of thoughtful pacing, as Ladin pairs tracks, segueing from the abstract “From The Frozen Cave” to the inviting “Warm Hearted Man.” Later, “Dreams” melts into “Gambit,” a volatile meditation on chess featuring sinuous interplay between tenor saxophonist Dayna Stephens and Hekselman.