Black In My Own Way

The DX Experiment feat. Avery Brooks

HarpSpace Happening

HarpSpace Happening presents Black In My Own Way, the debut album by The DX Experiment featuring the distinguished, celebrated musician and actor Avery Brooks.  It is new music with a new approach for a new time – a fresh voice with something to say.  Acknowledge me!!  The DX Experiment is a conceptual idea built around multi-instrumentalist, composer, artist and poet, Dante Xavier with a rotating lineup of musicians as a means for Dante to express his own musical identity. 

Watch the debut presentation of Urban Elixir featuring Avery Brooks, the central work of the Black In My Own Way album. Urban Elixir is a nouveau blues experience expressed in the motif of a play utilizing sentence structure, a new performance concept developed by Dante Xavier. It tells the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as an inner monologue reflecting his struggles during the Civil Rights Movement. The experience takes you into the modern-day reality of Black America.

Black In My Own Way is about being Black on your own terms. Acknowledge me!! It is about individuality.  Black In My Own Way is about the common thread of humanity that runs through all of us… the same struggles. Black in My Own Way is about that.  It’s a unification of the community through Black culture. 

“It is thirty-three minutes and twenty-nine seconds, worth every moment of your time.  I enjoyed it.”
—Richardine Bartee,

“No ulterior motives.  You should just listen to it, because it’s good!”
—Jaimie Yue, News Director at WOBC Radio

Be sure to check out Dante’s interview on WOBC Radio.

Download free liner notes with glossary for the album Black In My Own Way at  

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