Eunmi Lee

You&Me Music

Pianist, composer, and educator Eunmi Lee brings a distinct compositional flair with her debut album, INTROSPECTION.

Lee hails from South Korea but has been living in New York City since 2020. The album was recorded in New York and features some of the finest musicians the city has to offer. Influenced by diverse musical traditions, from big band jazz, post-bop, chamber music and even Brazilian music, Lee’s compositions are very contemporary but shaded with her Korean culture, creating a unique and engaging soundscape. She named the album INTROSPECTION because the compositions reflect her inner observations, that is, the emotions and images that pop up in her consciousness that she translates into music. INTROSPECTION is a captivating debut for emerging jazz artist Eunmi Lee. Backed by a stellar band in the capable hands of producer Alan Ferber, Lee’s contemporary sensibility, poignancy and originality ring true on every note.


EUNMI LEE (piano), VINICIUS GOMES (guitar), MATT CLOHESY (double bass), ARI HOENIG (drums), TONY KADLECK (trumpet), ALAN FERBER (trombone & bass trombone), JON GORDON (soprano & alto sax), REMY LE BOEUF (alto & baritone sax), JOHN ELLIS (tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet), JOYCE HAMMANN (violin), MEG OKURA (violin), LOIS MARTIN (viola), MARIA JEFFERS (cello),

All pieces composed/arranged by Eunmi Lee ©You&Me Music, BMI
Producer Alan Ferber
Recording engineer Tyler McDiarmid
Mixed and Mastered by Tyler McDiarmid


“...An exemplary debut by the talented Lee who seems destined for wider appreciation.” -All About Jazz

“...A musical journey filled with captivating melodies and thought-provoking compositions…Eunmi Lee’s “Introspection” is a stunning debut album that highlights her exceptional talent as a pianist and composer. The album is an engaging listen for jazz enthusiasts.” -Slang of Ages

“...Introspection is a fascinating debut from an artist whose sense of melodic and harmonic adventure knows no bounds. It’s an exciting foundation for a career that promises to be a fruitful, ever-evolving excursion into the future of contemporary jazz… A true musical citizen of the world and fast emerging, multi-faceted musical visionary.” -JW Vibe