New Love

Charnett Moffett

Motéma Music

“Charnett Moffett’s latest reminds us once again, that his quicksilver imagination matches the speed of his fingers.”

With his 17th album of unique and original music, legendary bassist Moffett further refines his virtuosic and innovative sound and expresses his deeply personal permutations of love and an embracing of change as part of life’s progression: “Music is a universal language that speaks to all people. In life, human beings are in the constant process of change — whether an individual is conscious of this process or not,” he comments. Approaching a range of sounds and traditions with vitality and signature authenticity, the prolific artist welcomes the dimension of space across the twelve effervescent tracks of NEW LOVE and breaks new ground as a moving lyricist and vocalist with an uplifting spiritual message. 

“Joyous and mystically resonant in equal parts.” 
– JAZZWISE (4 Stars)

“The playing’s fresh and effervescent in the extreme. ” 

“One of the era’s defining bassists…a virtuoso who elevates just about any musical setting” 

“It’s music at the intersection of swing, spiritual and free jazz.”

“There’s something special anytime that Jana Herzen and Charnett Moffett make music together, it’s pure, soulful, and especially beautiful to hear, now maybe more than ever…  Together they’re magic.” 


“Charnett Moffett’s latest reminds us once again, that his quicksilver imagination matches the speed of his fingers.  His vocalized electric bass pulsates across these 12 tracks, sometimes setting a fevered pace for guitarist Jana Herzen and the meditative melodiousness of Irwin Hall’s saxophones.   Whatever the musical moment, there’s tight synchronicity at play, and “Flying in the Air” is solid evidence of their collective arrival on a harmonic intersection or a blues motif. And speaking of the blues, it’s particularly sweet on “Little Flowers.” The vocal intimations are replaced by actual human ones on Spirit & Bride Song.” Which presages the anthem-like crescendo of “Love For The People” and the even more celebratory hosanna of “Rejoice.” The latter track is also a platform for Moffett to deliver a full-throated lyric almost indistinguishable from his bass. Instances like this summon memories of his late father, Charles, and the harmolodic experience he shared with Ornette Coleman.  A dynamic, ever-shifting dialogue issues from their collaboration; it’s a conference of multifaceted tonalities and intuition.”

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